Broken Note

Broken Note consists of Tommy and Eddie (aka Kidnappa of 16Bit), based in London, England. One from a punk background, one from hip-hop came together for a love of relentless bass music after wrecking their eardrums at London squat parties. Broken Note makes filthy drum and bass and dubstep.

Raised on a diet of pure filth, the Broken Note duo are bringing their own unique sound to the electronic music scene. Combining lean, considered production skills with an appreciation of diverse rough beats; they have quickly established themselves as a sonic force to be reckoned with.

Some of their recent and forthcoming releases can only very loosely be described as dubstep, with little in common with much of the scene's output. Instead they draw from the Sino-Rastafarian sound and heavy bass; but also combine this with more of the kind of dark and aggressive beats that can be found in breakcore and jungle. Their drum & bass is similarly disturbingly brutal, with undulating beats and bass that are unashamed to draw from the darkly edgy sounds of gabber and techno. It delivers a rhythmic pounding that has set dance floors around the world on fire with its astonishing heaviness. The result is both at home in clubs and the vast expanse of a decaying urban warehouse, inspiring visions of a dark and techy future for their music. A description of one release was pegged as "The darkest, most frightening tunes that have ever found their way onto vinyl".

Their live sets are currently based around two laptops running Ableton Live, utilizing various midi controllers and FX running with on the spot warping, cueing and live key work. The content tends to be a mash up of everything from dark dubstep to hardtekno, the most evil drum & bass to hardcore; playing many of their own tunes but mixing these with music by those who they draw inspiration from. They are both diverse and interesting, as well as being guaranteed to be one of the highlights of any night at which they are playing.


It stared across the shore of stars drifting imperceptibly through the vacuum, countless suns twisting their path through time and space on their almost endless descent into the black hole’s tidal gravity wake.