Radicall - 1986 EP

Radicall, aka Krzysztof Golinski, is a Polish Drum & Bass producer with many years of experience under his belt. Radicall had his major breakthrough in 2007 with releases on legendary label Covert Operations. He became one of the top DJs in Poland and released music on labels such as Drone Audio, Red Mist, Levitated, Offworld Recordings, Nightworks Music and released his debut album "Emotive" on Absys Records. Radicalls music is a combination of energetic beats with strong tech vibes, soothing electronic melodies and a deep atmospheric feel. Things are looking bright for Krzysztof in 2016 with releases on Absys, Addiction Digital, Scientific, Transference and 2x12 vinyl debut on Procedure Recordings. With his next release on German label Infiltrator Records Radicall continues with another high quality record named "1986", which will be released on the 27th of November 2016.

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