Calibre - Essential Mix 2017-07-01

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Первого числа на радио BBC Radio 1 прозвучал двухчасовой Essential Mix от Calibre, состоящий из эмбиент треков, хаус и техно композиций Доминика, а также, непременно, доброй порции драм-н-бейса!

Mike Harding & Peter Harwood - Death Of The Fly
The Future Sound Of London - Dirty Shadows
Hearts Of Space - 70's Beauty
Calibre - Five Minute Flame
Charles Bukowski - You Know And I Know And Thee Now
Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald - Intro
Calibre - Stars We Can See
Michael Stearns - As The Earth Kissed The Moon
Calibre - The Road
Dick Mills - Adagio
Calibre - Sand Promise
Calibre - Thunder Fog
Calibre - Trimming
Calibre - Limbo
Calibre - LIT
Kevin Verwijmeren – I'll Draw You A Mountain
Calibre - Wassold
Mala - Eyez
Calibre - Softly Softly
Calibre - Without You
James Bernard - Mars Rain
Dominick Martin - Love Is
Mike Harding & Peter Harwood - Wind Through Crack In A Door
Calibre - Round Box
Calibre - Crawler
Calibre - Falls To You
Calibre - Blind For Bang
Calibre - Footloose
Calibre - The Trot
Calibre - Mr Natural
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul - Synergy
Calibre - Complain
Calibre - Sunrise (feat. DRS)
Random Movement - Still Ain't Changed
LSB - New Day (feat. DRS)
Marcus Intalex - Step Forward
Tokyo Prose - Innate Motion
Calibre & Marcus Intalex - Run Away (feat. Fox)
London Grammar - If You Wait (Calibre Remix)
Calibre - Oh Please
Calibre - Bullets (feat. Diane Charlemagne)
Jóhann Jóhannsson & Peter Albrechtsen - Field Recordings And Sound Design From End Of Summer

Источник: Drum & Bass Today

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