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Stray is the name of at least 5 artists:

1. Drum 'n Bass producer from London
2. Erica Dunham's EBM/futurepop project
3. Mattias Axelsson's R'n'B / Hip-Hop project
4. UK rock band formed in 1966
5. A Portuguese hip-hop artist

1. Stray is also a drum & bass producer and DJ from London. Championed by Autonomic owners d bridge and Instra:mental, he appears on their already infuential FabricLive 50 mix, and notably has had releases on labels including Med School and Critical, as well as having his track "Pushed" featuring on Exit Record's 2011 compilation "Mosaic Volume 1". For more information and to hear some of his music check out http://www.soundcloud.com/straydnb

2. Stray is the name of a side-project of Erica Dunham -aka Unter Null. Her music is described as a trancey tunnel of melancholy melodies carrying clear sequences, bittersweet words and mesmerising atmospheres. Stray is a much more positive approach than Unter Null. The first album called "Abuse By Proxy" was released in 2008, with a follow-up in 2012 - "Letting Go".

3. StraY is also the name of Mattias Axelsson's R'n'B / Hip-Hop project. Take a look at his MySpace page: Mattias Axelsson

4. Stray are a UK rock band that formed in 1966. Vocalist Steve Gadd, guitarist Del Bromham, bass
player Gary Giles and drummer Steve Crutchley formed the group whilst all were attending the local Christopher Wren School in London. They signed to Transatlantic Records in January 1970, delivering eight albums in seven years for the label. Iron Maiden covered 'All In Your Mind' on their single 'Holy Smoke'. The band are still regularly touring today (often with their contemporaries the Groundhogs), although only Bromham survives from the original line-up. A new album VALHALLA will be released in 2009. For more information go to their website at http://www.stray-the-band.co.uk

5. Stray is also a Portuguese Hip Hop artist, from the label Monster Jinx.