Бэкграунд тегов


Pre 1995: SKC (real name Gábor Nagymáthé) listens to anything and everything from Pink Floyd to Depeche Mode, from the Cure and Joy Division to the Prodigy. He also discovers classical music is much more inspiring than any other shit. Turning into a snobbish geek now he starts thinking of himself as being above the common flock with his musical preferences. He is often seen holding a book of Nietzsche poems (one of which he almost grasped), but he got distracted by a six-part fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach in the end.

1995: SKC's first encounter with jungle: Goldie's Timeless LP. While listening to the album he experiences his first delusions of grandeur. If he made his own music he might be able to attract the attention of the plebs he despises so much - visions of thousands of ravers dancing to his beats, groupies fighting for him, banging on the door of his VIP room where he's quietly reading Nietzsche again. Later he thinks better of it and goes back to his ivory tower and hibernates for another three years.

1998: The final blow: Ed Rush kicking off his set with Adam F's Brand New Funk at a legendary gig in Budapest, Hungary where so many others were converted. After a couple of beers, vodka and feeling liberated from the shackles to dignity, he rocks the fuck out proper, sending his friends rotfl. Tormented by this humiliating experience after years of being a stuck up cunt, SKC suddenly thinks the only possible way out from this predicament is buying a PC and making his own beats, so he can show the light at the end of the tunnel for his fellow miserable bastards.

2001: After three years of hard work he finally releases his first single on NYC based Inflection Records launched by Mike Rivera. It's him who later puts SKC in touch with Paul Reset (Nerve Recordings), who in turn plays some of his tunes to one of SKC's big time heroes, Kemal. Much to the shock of SKC, he soon gets an email from the grandmaster of tech-dnb asking if he can cut one of his tunes called Recharger (Nerve). SKC says yes.

2002: Things begin to speed up. Trace is one of the big guys who first thinks he'd have a go at helping SKC break thru on his DSCI4 label. His track on Devotee EP is quickly a favourite with leftfield dj's like John Digweed, Fatboy Slim, and dj Atombomb to name but a few. Horrified by the prospect of becoming world famous too quickly, he refuses to be on Top of the Pops. This is where he fucks up. Trace doesn't like him anymore and he's being blunt about it too.

2003: SKC discovers his soft side - at last making tunes his mum can hum along to. As a potential solution for his identity crisis, he sends some of his bits to Hospital Recordings. Free My Soul is his first release on the prestigious label, followed by several other appearances on various compilations, and finally an EP called Future Sound of Budapest in 2005.

2004: Getting in touch with Klute, things take a rather unexpected turn. He no longer takes making music that seriously. He starts writing meaningless self-biographies. After taking karate lessons from Klute, and releasing a couple of tunes on Commercial Suicide, SKC starts fantasizing about his first debut LP.

2005: Dream come true: too many sick tunes, a debut LP is unavoidable. Even Klute realizes that, and he voices his opinion. Not that he can actually say he thinks it would be a good idea, since they only communicate on AIM, typing in rather than saying what they mean, but you get the point. With more than 100 tunes done before the deadline, SKC finds it harder to narrow it down to eight and takes a year to decide.

2006: The year of the debut LP. After a disappointing album sampler with a Pendulum rip-off on side A and a tedious tribal outing on the flip, it's time for the world to see that once again Klute was damn right when he put his faith in SKC. Coming out two days before his 32nd birthday, SKC's first full-length is undoubtedly the pinnacle of an already astounding career. Some people reckon it's an instant classic, others think it sucks.

SKC is also a member of Mindscape and Tactile and has appeared on the following labels: DSCI4, Black Sun Empire Recordings, Soul:R, Good Looking, Timeless and Hospital.