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DJ Pleasure

Hailing from North West London, Dj pleasure started listening to jungle/DnB in the early 90’s. He was instantly hooked by this new sound of the electronic underground, especially the dark side B-lines on tracks like “Lord of the null lines” and “Dark stranger”. His love for the music grew at an enormous rate and he was soon going out to all big raves in the capital and further a field, just to soak up the vibe and see where it was going. But it wasn’t until the year 2000, when a mate went on holiday and lent him his decks for the summer, that he picked up a pair of headphones and took to launching an assault on a pair of turntables. Mixing came very easily to him, he seemed to understand the beats and feel the music instinctively. Things seem to always move very quickly for this highly talented dj/producer/promoter. After just a few weeks he had secured a set on the local pirate radio station Jive fm and it was here that he meet Dj’s Origin and Frosty. They realised they shared the same tastes in music and passions for other common interests and all immediately became close friends. It wasn’t too long before he had his first play out and what a play out it was. He had a prime set in the Jungle room of Garage Nation at Club Collesium. As always, he tore it up and the crowd loved him. The buzz he got from this one set alone, lead him to seriously think about pursuing a long term career in Jungle/DnB. Over the next few years Pleasure started fighting his way up the Dj ranks, quickly gaining a reputation for his super tight mixing skills, churning out locked up mix after mix, in every single set he played. In 2002 he became a member of the Freeze fm team and mashing up London and beyond with his regular Friday night show and not to mention the bookings that carried on piling in. Within a year of learning to mix, he had regular sets at some of the biggest raves in the country including One nation, Slammin vinyl, Area nightclub and other various venues around the capital. Things were moving quickly and Pleasure was eager to prove himself to the DnB community, but nothing could prepare him for what happened next. In 2005 pleasure fulfilled one of his life long dreams and became a member of the international brand that is the Kool fm hit squad, with the blessing of Eastman and the help of his friend Dj Verb, he secured a late night Saturday set on the multi award winning station. Whilst also caning up the airwaves on Freeze, Pleasure was fairly content with the direction his career was going, but yet again, his career was about to grow and head into unchartered territories… In February 2006 Pleasure got hold of a copy of cubase after a friend recommended that he try moving things forward and getting into production. Like most things musical that he’s dabbled with, he was a natural and became instantly hooked. The idea and possibility that he could create his own brand of music and see a warehouse full of ravers having it to one of his tunes, gave him the drive to knuckle down and start learning at an immense rate. 2007 got off to a flying start with the signing of two tracks, “Answer me” and “Sonic boom” to Logan d’s label Low Down Deep, which received support from artists such as Hype, Micky Finn, Ruffstuff and all of the Kool fm hit squad team. It wasn’t too long until the mighty Heist, heard the rumbling beats and ultra-cool samples coming from this up and coming producer and snapped up one of his new tracks “In the Dark”. The cream of the industry such as Hazard, Hype, Heist, Ruffstuff (and any one else who could get there hands on the track) are rinsing this warehouse banger like cooked food at a BBQ. So that’s where we are at now and the future is looking very bright indeed. He’s secured a new more audience friendly slot on Kool fm(tues 7-9pm), the tunes keep getting banged out from the Pleasure conveyor belt, with that comes more attention and in turn more growth, spiritually and musically. Finally, he has recently signed to Heist and Benny’s collaborative project entitled, the record label Calypso and also with an impending signing on Kool fm’s label K Power in the pipeline, the future seems bright for the Dj Pleasure. (JUNE 07) .